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The Great Canadian Woman: She is Strong and Free (Paperback)

The Great Canadian Woman: She is Strong and Free Cover Image
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The Great Canadian Woman is all of us. She is the single mother who provides for her children come hell or high water. She is the woman who has a dream, and musters up enough courage to go after it. She is the woman who has quarreled in the depths of pain and grief and finds her way back home to herself. She is the woman who says "no" to what does not serve her. She is the woman who says "enough is enough", and commits to a new way of living. She is the woman who finds the strength to leave toxic relationships. She is the woman who knows unconditional love. She is the woman who takes the lead and lights the torch. She is the woman who refuses to accept the limits that someone else placed before her. She is the woman who knocks down doors, and shatters glass ceilings. She is the woman who finds a way out of no way then turns around, extends her hand, and brings as many people as she can along with her.

The following women all co-authored this book:

  • Sarah Swain
  • Margot Gaudet
  • Jessica De Castro
  • Megan Harmony
  • Olivia Shwetz
  • Falon Malec
  • Rose Finlay
  • Sarah Swain
  • Barbara McBryer
  • Patricia Coulter
  • Brenda Wiese
  • Shannon Miller
  • Susan Ruhe
  • Koa Hughes
  • Stephanie Goudreault

The women who have shared their sacred stories in this book are warriors of light. They are some of the most resilient women we have ever encountered and we are humbled by their courageous journeys. They exemplify what it means to be The Great Canadian Woman, Strong and Free. Their voices give hope to other women, that they too can change the trajectory of their lives, if the course they are travelling doesn't serve them. Their expertise and insight inspire women to make better choices for themselves and take empowered action towards their lives with intention. Their stories grant us all the permission to live fully, love deeply and to fight like hell in the name of happiness. We are so proud of each and every one of them.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781999215101
ISBN-10: 1999215109
Publisher: Prominence Publishing
Publication Date: September 29th, 2019
Pages: 252
Language: English

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