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Thrive: Resilience Program for Teens Student Workbook (Paperback)

Thrive: Resilience Program for Teens Student Workbook By Ted Huntington, Maria Huntington Cover Image
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What administrators are saying:

This Thrive Resilience for Teens program yielded a 66% reduction in suspensions for substance abuse, and a 40% reduction in Vape (tobacco) suspensions. Thank you for this valuable program that truly steered our most at-risk students back on the right path. We hope to partner with you and the Thrive program.

- Brett Epstein, Assistant Principal

Willis Junior High

What facilitators are saying:

Thrive gives you the opportunity to make the lesson your own, therefore the instructor is highly invested in the lesson. Once you are invested, the teens become invested and you go from a facilitator to a difference maker; and that is what I felt every time I stepped into that classroom with the kids and the teacher. The recap portion of a lesson before you start a new lesson gives a chance to properly close a lesson and introduce the new one so it just flows perfectly. I really enjoyed teaching Thrive and highly recommend this curriculum.

- LaTroy Burras (Youth Programs Coordinator ICAN)

You have truly taught me so much in life. I have learned to calm down so much and I have not been stressed out in so long. I love the way you teach. I finally feel like I have value. Thank you so much

- "R.O." (Student)

You gave me new ways to stop from erupting & crying 24/7. Thank you so much. I genuinely mean it.

- "D.V " (Student)

Thank you for coming to our class. I do struggle with anxiety and depression. When people shared, I could relate, even though I didn't talk, I listened and learned a lot about others and myself.

- "J.C" (student)

Ted Huntington

Empowering Breakthrough LLC

Ted's career path was shaped by his childhood experiences and the people who supported him. There were mental health and substance abuse challenges in his family, that led him into the foster care system for a period in his life.

It was faith, family, friends, teachers, coaches, etc. that provided him support, tools and compassion to overcome his challenges, accomplish goals, experience his dreams & passions become a reality, and, THRIVE

Ted has made a career of helping people. He has worked as a police officer and a pastor while leading multiple task forces and coalitions. Ted is passionate have fore seeing people overcome the challenges they face in life, fulfill their purpose & dreams, and THRIVE

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ISBN: 9781953284204
ISBN-10: 1953284205
Publisher: Empowering Breakthrough
Publication Date: October 28th, 2020
Pages: 42
Language: English

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