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Merg: The TRUE story of a WWII soldier's selfless act of valor and sacrifice that one town never forgot. (Paperback)

Merg: The TRUE story of a WWII soldier's selfless act of valor and sacrifice that one town never forgot. Cover Image
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George Mergenthaler, the grandson of the inventor of the Linotype, was an only child and at the time of his birth in 1920, became the sole male heir to the family fortune. Tall, handsome, Ivy League educated, speaking fluent German and French, "MERG" as he was known to his friends, did what many in his generation did following the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor: he enlisted in the Army.

Insisting on serving as a buck-private, George was assigned to a Recon Troop that would see action after the D-Day invasion in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Following the horrific fighting in the Huertgen forest, the 28th Cavalry Recon Troop was sent west for R&R, to a small farming village in Luxembourg called Eschweiler.

For the next month the Recon Troop soldiers lived amongst the townspeople, sharing their homes, meals, hopes and dreams. A devout Catholic, George spent much of his free time in the town's small church, St. Mauritius, chatting and getting to know the local priest. Quickly, the two bonded, sharing a friendship not unlike that of long-lost brothers.

In mid-December however, their peaceful stay in Eschweiler was shattered by the Battle of the Bulge. Nearly surrounded by the enemy, the Recon Troop soldiers were forced to retreat from the town. Dodging enemy fire, their convoy drove down a winding road, towards the cover of nearby woods. Rounding a corner they were ambushed by the spearhead of the German advance in that sector. Pinned down, with capture or death seeming their only options, George jumped into the command jeep and manned a .50-cal machine gun, proving how exceptional he truly was.

About the Author

Peter Lion is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author and a 7-time Emmy winning Producer/Director.

Praise For…

“A powerful and profound book, a must-read for enthusiasts of history and military nonfiction, MERG is a story of selflessness and heroism, the story of a remarkable buck private who loved a town, and the town that loved him back.”—Marcus Brotherton, New York Times bestselling author of We Who Are Alive & Remain, A Company of Heroes, and Shifty’s War

"A memorable and poignant micro-narrative from World War Two... a hugely moving story, elegantly told."-Roger Moorhouse, Historian; author of "Berlin at War"

“A sweeping and inspiring true story of honor, bravery and sacrifice that endures to this very day. A powerful must read."-Kevin Corke, FOX News White House Correspondent
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ISBN: 9781734509502
ISBN-10: 1734509503
Publisher: Tfe Publishing
Publication Date: March 1st, 2020
Pages: 198
Language: English

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