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Communities Directory: Guide to Cooperative Living (Paperback)

Communities Directory: Guide to Cooperative Living By Vassilis Jay Dervos (Illustrator), Sky Blue (Foreword by), Marty Klaif (Editor) Cover Image
By Vassilis Jay Dervos (Illustrator), Sky Blue (Foreword by), Marty Klaif (Editor)
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A more cooperative world is possible. If we were to put the entire history of humankind into a 24-hour-day, it would only be in the past couple minutes that civilization has looked like this. Pollution. Exploitation. Isolation. Disparity. Symptoms of a society out of control, and certainly not one that was designed to last. But what if we could live differently? It turns out, more than 100,000 people already are, in ecovillages, cohousing, communes, and communities of all kinds around the world. They're working together to create fair, sustainable, and satisfying models of society.How can you find intentional communities? The answer is the Communities Directory -- an online and printed catalog of intentional communities in the US, and all over the planet. For 25 years the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) has been building, innovating, and keeping this catalog fresh. A book to find the community that suits you In addition to profiling more than 1,000 communities, the book includes full-page maps showing where communities are located, charts that compare communities by more than 30 different qualities, and an easy index to find communities interested in specific pursuits. Also known as the Guide to Intentional Communities & Cooperative Living -- this epic book includes tons of bonus content, including articles on how to start or join a community, the basics of group dynamics and decision-making, and countless resources and links to help your community thrive.
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ISBN: 9780971826496
ISBN-10: 0971826498
Publisher: Fellowship for Intentional Community
Publication Date: July 1st, 2016
Pages: 610
Language: English

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