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Paradiso (Hardcover)

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Robert and Jean Hollander’s verse translation with facing-page Italian offers the dual virtues of maximum fidelity to Dante’s text with the feeling necessary to give the English reader a sense of the work’s poetic greatness in Italian. And since Robert Hollander’s achievements as a Dante scholar are unsurpassed in the English-speaking world, the commentaries that accompany each canto offer superb guidance in comprehension and interpretation. This translation is also the text of the Princeton Dante Project Web site, an ambitious online project that offers a multimedia version of the Divine Comedy and links to other Dante Web sites. On every count, then, this edition of Paradiso is likely to be a touchstone for generations to come, and it completes one of the great projects of literary translation and scholarship of our time.

Praise For…

Praise for Inferno

“The Hollanders’ translation . . . seems the most accessible and the closest to the Italian. . . . The provision of informative notes . . . is impeccable . . . with ample commentary easily and unobtrusively available at the end of each canto.” —Tim Parks, The New Yorker

“The Hollanders’ translation is probably the most finely accomplished and may well prove the most enduring.” —R.W.B. Lewis, Los Angeles Times

“A distinguished act of poetry and scholarship in one and the same breath, the Hollander Dante, among the strong translations of the poet, deserves its own honored place.”
—Robert Fagles

“The new version of Dante’s Inferno, by an internationally famous Dante scholar and his wife, the poet Jean Hollander, is accompanied by a detailed, brilliant commentary that is itself worth the price of the volume. For the student of Dante this book is not only an indispensable guide, it is also an intellectual feast.” —Bernard Knox, New York Review of Books

“The Hollanders act as latter-day Virgils, guiding us through the Italian text that is printed on the facing page. Their English . . . helps us come to terms with a foreign poem that is perhaps the most magnificent ever written.” —The Economist

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ISBN: 9780385506786
Publisher: Doubleday
Publication Date: August 21st, 2007
Pages: 944

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